Providing a safe and challenging environment for children in care
Young people are active and adventurous, they take part in a wide range of outdoor and physical activities that have given them many memorable experiences and build on their self-confidence.” Ofsted.

Achievers Day

We had a fantastic day in the sunshine this year as we celebrated the achievements of the young people at Shelldene House.

There were many awards and certificates given out and all the young people had demonstrated improvements in their individual educational objectives over the academic year. Two of our students had achieved a number of AQA certificates for the first time. These were the very first nationally recognised qualifications they had achieved in their lives and were appropriately applauded by the excited audience which included members of their family, friends, social workers and staff.
One young person had spent the year working extremely hard to achieve his COPE certificate which he completed at a level higher than expected at te end of the term.

We also had a new award for “Good Deed of the Year”. The school Manager read out the good deeds done by all our students and our staff throughout the year and Andy (Home Manager) had studied each one before deciding who this year's winner was. The audience held its breath as the winner was announced – Greg.

Greg had supported Chris to do his challenge of climbing the three highest mountains in Scotland, Wales and England in 24 hours. He had spent hours of planning the trip with Chris, going to the gym, hiking, cycling and generally wearing himself out(!) in order to make sure Chris was as ready as he could be for the event, which he did with him in June . Everyone generally agreed he was a worthy winner to have his name engraved on the inaugral trophy. Well done Greg!!!!!

After the awards were given we had a lovely bbq, cooked up by our Home Manager, once he had completed his prayers to Sitting Bull and Geronimo. Later, the afternoon descended into a watery war zone after the young people decided to soak Barry with our super dooper automatic water rifles!!. All participants got a good dousing as did those not participating in the games. Certainly the bouncy assault course was much more fun now it was soaking wet! ...