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Poland and Aushcwitz

In October 2018 as part of our Modern History studies Shelldene House School undertook a trip to Krakow in Poland. The heart of the trip was a visit to Auschwitz. Students were given a guided tour of Auschwitz 1 and 2 and the part that they played in the Holocaust. They also participated in a walking tour of Krakow and the Jewish Ghetto along with a visit to the Oskar Schindler Museum. This was the culmination of a terms work based on WW2 as well as incorporating citizenship, religious studies and discrimination. Opportunities were also taken to enjoy the culture of Poland its foods and other interesting sites including Wawel Castle. Elder students then went on to visit Warsaw where they visited the site of the Uprising and attended a Polish Hip Hop concert. The visit was a resounding success and stimulated much debate and educational opportunities both in Poland and on our return. Everyone involved agreed that the visit should be repeated as it was felt, especially by the students, that such important historical places need to be experienced rather than only read about....

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