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Young people are active and adventurous, they take part in a wide range of outdoor and physical activities that have given them many memorable experiences and build on their self-confidence.” Ofsted.

Car Boot

On a cold April morning we set out to attend our first car boot sale. We were all very keen on the idea of making some extra cash and this thought stayed with until we had unloaded our wares, and set up our stall in front of the car. Then as we stood there shivering from 6am until 0830am before most of the customers arrived, we wondered if it was such a good idea afterall!

Luckily though, there was a lot of interest in our goods and the lads were soon bartering for the best prices for cds, clothes, books and toys. In fact we managed to sell off quite a lot of the stuff we took and our mood improved with the constant “ching” of money dropping into the tin and the sun rising to warm us up.

At the end of the day we had taken just under £100 and we shared the money equally between the boys. But we all agreed next time we do a car boot sale it would have to be in the summer....