Providing a safe and challenging environment for children in care

The Placement Plan

The Placement Plan is a working document for the adults to use, identifying how the work with the child will be completed. The short and long term objectives of the Plan are distgust with the child by the Primary Carer and the child’s views and wishes are incorporated into it. Decisions made at the child’s Review Meeting and in the individual pieces of work completed through primary caring sessions or in meetings with their family and Social Workers are also incorporated into the Placement Plan.

Careful selection of staff has resulted in a multi skilled and
well qualified team

Working with the children, their family and external agencies, we endeavour to meet the outcomes expected and work towards the child being able to return home - whether to family, foster carer or the community to which they feel they belong. We recognise that when children come into our care, they are vulnerable, having been abused or neglected. In order for them to make sense of their situation and begin working towards making progress, they need to feel they are living somewhere that can meet their emotional and physical needs.

We are successful with the children placed with us at Shelldene House because we provide a child with structure, empathy, understanding and patience from Primary Carers who work pedagogically. By working in this way the child is able to settle into a positive routine quickly and the chaotic lifestyle they had become familiar with becomes less appealing

In providing the child with this firm base, they are able to reflect on their past experiences, empower themselves to make positive choices, learn to value themselves and build significant trusting relationships with adults and in this way realise their full potential.

Our staff are aided in their work by an experienced management team, clear policies and procedures and other professional support including our child psychologist and psychotherapist. We use a Placement Plan which incorporates our BOMM method to ensure both short and long term objectives set at both admission and future LAC Reviews for the child are achieved. This plan is the focus for our work with the child and ensures our ethos of working to meet the child’s individual needs is always maintained. In this way we ensure the running of the home and organisation does not supercede the Mission of the home.