Providing a safe and challenging environment for children in care


How to make a referral.

If you are interested in a placement for a looked after child then
please call us on 01945 861122
or email

Our admission process is designed to ensure that the child and their family are involved at every step  so that stress and worry is minimised.  When you call we prefer to have an initial discussion of the child’s needs so that we can quickly ascertain if Shelldene House is the correct placement for the child. Our placement procedure is detailed right: 

  • Placements will only be offered to local authorities when a completed referral form is submitted, accompanied by sufficient background information.
  •  If the Management Team agrees to accept the placement then the placement process commences.  This involves the Home Manager or Deputy Manager with another worker visiting the child in their current location (where possible) to introduce Shelldene House (where we are, what we do, show photos, take them a copy of the children’s guide etc).
  • The child and their family are encouraged to visit with the child’s Social Worker within one to two days following this initial visit. During this visit the child will have the opportunity to meet the other children and young people resident and engage in a recreational activity with them and the staff.
  • Once a referral is then accepted by the Home Manager, the timescales for admission will be discussed between the Management Team of the home and the child’s Social Worker. 
In our experience when family members are actively involved in a child’s placement from the first day, the child finds it much easier to settle into their new home.