Providing a safe and challenging environment for children in care
The curriculum is enriched by a wealth of extra curricular activities that greatly enhance students learning and personal development.

The school makes outstanding provision for students welfare, health and safety

Shelldene House School Offers:

  • A stepping stone back to main stream schooling.
  • A learner-centered and individual curriculum.
  • Long term schooling for those children unable to make the transition back into main stream education.
  • A variety of work based courses such as, Plastering, tractor driving, fork lift truck training, First Aid Training, provided through our local partner training agencies.
  • GCSE, AQA and Asdan awards.
Young People have made
significant progress in their participation of education,
this is a great success


Most of the children who come to Shelldene House have experienced a fractured education or have been absent from school for some considerable time. All of our students will have aspirations for their education and future. Shelldene House School provides a Learner Centred Curriculum which takes account of the young person’s aspirations, learning styles, cognitive abilities and their statement of educational need.

An Individual Learner Centred work scheme is then created to meet the individual needs of the child. This work is then broken down into units of work planned over the short, medium and long term, resourced using our own school and external providers as appropriate.