4D Care Ltd was established by social care professionals who recognised a need for quality therapeutic based residential care and education for children who suffer from behavioural, educational and social difficulties.

Our experience had taught us of the importance to not give up on a child, that children coming into our care had already been rejected too many times, which is often at the core of the behaviour they present and issues they face in their lives. Therefore, children who come into our care can expect that the adults and team which work for them are all dedicated to making their life a success.

We will never give up on a child, but instead, will focus all our energy and resources to unpicking issues and emotional damage our children have experienced and work through them together, alongside the child.

We do this in part by working pedagogically alongside the child. We find that this approach, where we minimize the power imbalance often experienced between child and adult, enables the child more opportunity to make the right choices and decisions about their own life, making quicker progress with support from adults with whom they have built healthy, significant and trusting relationships.