Recent activities enjoyed by our young people

Christmas Lights Effort 2022

Well, once again we put on a good show for the village this year! We added some extra lights to the windows and tree although unfortunately we continued to struggle to keep our big bue tree on through the season – the squirrels appear to have enjoyed nibbling the wires and living in the electric box for the warmth through the autumn months! Although ‘Bond’ the squirrel and his family have lived in our grounds for many years so maybe it is us trespassing on them rather than the other way round!

Halloween 2022

We held the 3 rd Annual Village Halloween & Pumpkin Competition. This involves the group designing posters and flyers to distribute to participating houses in the village. Two of the young people then help judge the entries with an adult from Shelldene and the Home award prizes for the best 3 pumpkins and the best 3 Halloween themed displays in the village.

Some of this year’s winning entries: