The secret of success

At Shelldene House School we have always been committed to providing a learner centred curriculum according to the needs and aspirations of the student. This cornerstone of our school has provided the young people we have taught the foundation to excel in their chosen subjects and fuelled their desire for further learning outside of the classroom and encouraged many to attend further education post 16.


We focus on the needs and aspirations of the individual child whilst always working towards identified outcomes.


Keep Children safe and protected

Provide stability of a child placement 


Empower children to affect change in their lives  and realist their potential


Deliver measurable Outcomes through the BOMM Placement Plan process.

Provide individual value based care for local authorities 


Our values provide the child with a firm base, they are able to reflect on their past experiences, empower themselves to make positive choices, learn to value themselves and build significant trusting relationships with adults.

Unconditional Positive Regard

To accept children as they are. Allow them to explore and make mistakes (without judgment) and in that exploration find meaning in it.

Social Pedagogy

Respect for all human nature and of the individual; stimulation to full development, allowing expression, activity and initiative to allow exploration and provide the mind with opportunities that promote and foster constant progress.


We are committed to the highest standards of quality and service. We promote courtesy and dedication in our environment and use our quality improvement system to meet changing child and local authority needs.


We will maintain loyalty to our Mission and the highest standards of ethical and professional character within a supportive work environment. We work honorably and justly in all our work and service.


We will provide leadership that encourages creativity and innovative ideas from our staff, children and professionals with whom we work.


We will maintain respect for the worth and dignity of all people with whom we work and serve. We are committed to teamwork, patience and congeniality that encourages inclusion from all and most importantly the boys and girls in our care.


We will maintain employment policies and provide services that promote diversity in all its forms whilst pursuing our Mission.


We will be diligent, responsible stewards of both financial and people resources, whilst maintaining appropriate and sufficient resources to address the needs of the boys and girls in our care. We will maintain a trust fund which all our children, upon reaching the age of 21, may apply to for a bursary.